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How to Score High in Post UTME Exam 2019

How to Score High in Post UTME Exam 2019

How to Score High in Post UTME Exam 2019

Since it is inherently necessary that you score very high in your Post UTME exam after you must have met the cut off in your UTME exam, here are a few tips for you to adopt to get the best score in your Post UTME. See more Details below

Do you know that before you get admission in any higher institution in Nigeria, you have to score high in both jamb and post utme?This is fact! Please read – why students fail to gain admission and solutions to find out more on what is happening in the admission process in Nigerian Universities.

Therefore, getting high score in post utme is a must for any candidate desiring to gain admission into any tertiary institution in the country.

What is a High Score?

For me high score in exams refer to the exam score that is above 80% of the total score. That is 80/100. With this kind of score, the admitting institution will willingly publish the name of such candidate in merit list no matter how many people applied for the same course, number of admission quota or catchment areas.

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How to Score High in Post utme

Considering the rate of competition to limited admission slots in Nigerian tertiary institutions, getting high score in post utme after meeting the JAMB UTME cut off mark is must for any candidate desiring to gain admission.

Here are my valuable tips you can adopt:

1. Revise with past questions

Its never a guarantee that any school will repeat their post Utme past questions although some did.
A friend of mind at did a random study of different post Utme past questions from different schools.

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According to him “delsu has over 214 repeated questions in only Use of English from 2006 to 2013”. The result is similar to other schools.

Apart from having an advantages of meeting similar questions in the exams, past questions has a way of exposing the level of candidates.

Also, if you are lucky to get the original post utme past questions for your institution of choice, you will know the pattern of their exam ahead of time. This is a huge advantage over those candidates who have not past questions.

2. Read like never before

Many students have poor reading habits these days. Some students may be happy to spend half day in social media instead of reading their books.

Reading for exam is different from reading for leisure.  No mincing words, if you want to score high in post utme, be prepared to read as if you don’t know anything.

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3. In everything we are doing – diaris  God.

Some students will get a place in the admissions list just because they are divinely favoured.

Do your best in preparation and leave the raise to God.  Sometimes your effort may not really count. So aside from hardwork, try involve God in your admission process.

4. In the exam hall

The exam hall is where you’ll show all your preps strategies. So, make good use of the exam duration.

The most important thing to note in exam hall is “instructions”. Make sure you follow instructions carefully. Do exactly what you are told to do.

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