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How to Boost Your Confidence before Post UTME Exams

Ways on how to Boost Your Confidence before Post UTME Exams

Ways on how to Boost Your Confidence before Post UTME Exams

PUTME Tips: The major problem facing candidates in getting admission nowadays is the huddle of post UME popularly called POST UTME bridge. According to NUC regulation for admission into Nigerian universities, POST UTME score constitutes at least 50% of the admission cut off mark. So POST UTME will still continue to pose problems to some candidates if the issues that can solve the problem are not properly addressed.

One of the problem candidates face during Post UTME examinations is lack of confidence. They don’t believe they can make it. Candidates are terrified upon the large crowds that are competing for the limited admission slots. In this article, I will outline possible causes of low self esteem and how you can boost your confidence before the exam. With tjis tips, you shall be able to score very high in your Post UTME Exams

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Below are the Ways to Boost Your Confidence before Post UTME Exams:

#1  Know The Nature Of The Exams: – this is one of the major problem facing candidates. They don’t even know the nature of the exam. Candidates are terrified with these type of question: How many questions will I answer? And for how long? (Duration). Is the question essay or objective? All these question and more revolves around the candidates especially those writing for the first time. This developed tension, fear and anxiety on the candidates which will eventually cause lack of confidence.

Solution To This Problem

 The best way for you to know the nature of the exam is to get the past questions in your school. With these past questions in your hand, certain doubts in the mind of the candidates will be settled.

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Inquire from successful candidates: you may relate with previous successful candidates and ask them to share their experiences about the nature of the exam. This information can help you boost your confidence before and on the exam day.

#2  Believe You Can Do It Yourself: – many candidates do not even believe they can score above 300 in their Post UTME. Yes, they believe in brain support and impersonation. But I want to tell you emphatically that you can make it on your own. Think about this. Envisage yourself making the admission list. Say to yourself “I will make it”. Boost your confidence while preparing with text books, and past questions and surely you can make it.

#3  Prepare For The Exam: – see your POST UTME exam as a fight! See yourself as a challenger and your institution as a defendant. If you fail to prepare, it means you are prepared to fail. Sit down now, buy POST UTME past questions send answers for your institution of choice and start reading along with your books. Read aggressively until you make it. Reduce your time spending on social networks, instead attend extra moral classes to help boost your confidence.

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#4  Buy Post Utme Past Questions: –  Past questions is very important especially with its ability to boost your confidence before your POST UTME


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